Royal Tumble

Royal Tumble

Can you make a castle worthy of King Ono. Succeed and you'll be showered in gold coins, fail and you'll be forced to watch your creation disintegrate and your King take a Royal Tumble all the way down to the cold, hard ground.

Oh.. and whatever you do, be sure to keep those gunpowder barrels out of sight from the attackers, or your king will be taking a royal flight.

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Detailed Description

Meet King Ono, ruler of Square land, beloved by all. That is, apart from his arch enemy Lord Void, who will stop at nothing to dethrone him.

The King lacks any meaningful construction skills so he needs you to build his castles for him, using nothing but the latest in cutting edge building materials including wood, stone and iron. You had better make them strong and sturdy too, because Void's loyal, cannon wielding minions will do all they can to destroy them, and send your King tumbling down to the cold, hard ground.

Protect the King's gold coins and gunpowder stashes and he will reward you, but if he suffers because of your inadequate castle building skills he'll be forced to surrender, meaning you'll see none of those glorious shiny things. Even worse, submit him to too much of a beating and he'll eventually die and you'll have to start all over and who wants that?


'Attack Mode'

Had enough of the King's high and mighty attitude? Take Lord Voids place and plan the attack on the King's castles yourself, before taking control of his minions and their devastatingly accurate (ish) cannons. Destroy the King's coin chests and you'll steal the contents, provided you make the King surrender or send him to his fate.


'Level Builder'

Want to make your own levels? Want to place the king at dizzying heights above a cluster of high explosive gunpowder barrels and create an explosion Michael Bay would be proud of? Unlock custom level slots and you can create your very own levels, controlling everything from the type and amount of building materials available, to the amount of cannon ammunition the attackers have.